Gautam Iyer

Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Dept. of Math. Sci., Carnegie Mellon University.

πŸ“§πŸ’Ό WEH 6121. πŸ•» 412 268 8419.

Research Interests

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My research concerns "Theoretical Applied Math" using tools from partial differential equations and probability. More specifically, I've worked on a variety of problems related to anomalous diffusion, coagulation, fluid mechanics, homogenization, Q-tensors and mixing.

Awards, and Support Acknowledgement

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Recent Publications
  • G. Iyer, S. Van, Bounds on the heat transfer rate via passive advection. (2021).
  • Y. Feng, G. Iyer, L. Li, Scheduling fixed length quarantines to minimize the total number of fatalities during an epidemic, Journal of Mathematical Biology (2020).
  • Y. Feng, Y. Feng, G. Iyer, J.-L. Thiffeault, Phase separation in the advective Cahn--Hilliard equation, Journal of Nonlinear Science (2019).
  • T. Drivas, T. M. Elgindi, G. Iyer, I.-J. Jeong, Anomalous Dissipation in Passive Scalar Transport. (2019).
  • G. Iyer, X. Xu, A. ZlatoΕ‘, Convection-Induced Singularity Suppression in the Keller-Segel and Other Non-linear PDEs, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (2019).
All Publications
Partial Differential Equations
  • G. Iyer, N. Leger, R. L. Pego, Coagulation and universal scaling limits for critical Galton-Watson processes, Advances in Applied Probability (2018).
  • G. Iyer, N. Leger, R. L. Pego, Limit theorems for Smoluchowski dynamics associated with critical continuous-state branching processes, Ann. Appl. Probab. (2015).
Fluid Dynamics
Harmonic Analysis
Liquid Crystals