Gautam Iyer

Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Dept. of Math. Sci., Carnegie Mellon University.

πŸ“§πŸ’Ό WEH 6121. πŸ•» 412 268 8419.

Research Interests

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My research concerns "Theoretical Applied Math" using tools from partial differential equations and probability. More specifically, I've worked on a variety of problems related to anomalous diffusion, anomalous dissipation, coagulation, fluid mechanics, homogenization, Q-tensors and mixing.

Awards, and Support Acknowledgement

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Recent Publications
  • W. Cooperman, G. Iyer, S. Son, A Harris Theorem for Enhanced Dissipation, and an Example of Pierrehumbert. (2024).
  • M. Coti Zelati, G. Crippa, G. Iyer, A. Mazzucato, Mixing in Incompressible Flows: Transport, dissipation and their interplay.. (2023).
  • A. Christie, Y. Feng, G. Iyer, A. Novikov, Speeding up Langevin Dynamics by Mixing. (2023).
  • G. Iyer, E. Lu, J. Nolen, Using Bernoulli maps to accelerate mixing of a random walk on the torus. (2023).
  • G. Iyer, H. Zhou, Quantifying the dissipation enhancement of cellular flows. (2022).
All Publications
Partial Differential Equations
Fluid Dynamics
Harmonic Analysis
Liquid Crystals
Ph.D. thesis's of former Students
Masters's thesis's / projects of former Students
  • Ethan Lu, A probabilistic analysis of enhanced dissipation (2022), which led to this joint paper.
  • Hongyi Zhou, The mixing time of cellular flows with small molecular diffusivity (2022) which led to this joint paper.
  • James T. Murphy III, Resolving the one-dimensional autonomous flow-free explosion problem (2014) which was published in SIURO.