Previous Projects

1: Restructuring the BCS: How to Mathematically Solve One of Sports Biggest Controversies
2: Carnegie Mellon University Police Reallocation
3: Optimization of Andrew Printing Reallocation of Printing Resources
4: Analysis of Inventory Optimization Strategies for Alcoholic Beverages in a New Orleans Bar
5: Dormitory Assignment Optimization
6: Optimizing Plane Routes
7: Variation of Stable Marriage Algorithm and Its Usage in CMU Greek Life
8: OPP: Optimal Pricing Project
9: Optimal Class Deployment
10: Course Scheduling
11: A Diamond is Forever: Two Approaches to Diamond Inventory
12: Creating Clusters: An Analysis of Traveling Salesman as a Clustering Mechanism
13: An Inventory Management Approach to Groceries
14: CMU Fall 2010 Final Exam Schedule
15: Beaver Dam Offspring Study (BOSS) Scheduling Problem
16: Optimal Scheduling of Home Visits
17: H1N1 Pandemic: Reducing the Spread via Optimal Placement of Hand Sanitizers
18: Tabling on Campus
19: Mapping Majors at Carnegie Mellon University: What majors walk how much, where, and when?
20: A Brief Study of the Nurse Scheduling Problem
21: A Mathematical Model for Optimal Placement of Riot Police
22: Farkle Project
23: Student Walking Patterns on Carnegie Mellon Campus
24: Optimal Recycling Policy
25: Underground Tunnels
26: Operations Research Techniques in the Formulation of an Investment Strategy
27: Will We Be Home for Christmas? A round trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Boulder, CO
28: Rain, Rain Go Away: An Underground Tunnel Network
29: Printing Optimization
30: Money Transfer
31: Inventory Optimization of Ready Meals at Entropy
32: Optimizing Jungle Paths in League of Legends
33: Optimal Businessman's Travelling Problem
34: Optimizing the Premier League Schedule
35: The Great American Road Trip
36: Baseball Travelling Problem
37: Rent the Runway Optimal Pricing Model
38: Pittsburgh Public Schools Assignment
39: Freshman Seminar Assignment Problem
40: Optimizing Dietrich College Freshman Seminar Assignments
41: Big-Little Pairings
42: CMU Shuttle Rerouting Problem
43: Optimizing Bus Schdedules to Minimize Waiting Time
44: Getting Around: Optimizing Paths Taken Across Campus
45: Resource Allocation in Candidate Drug Funding
46: The National Basketball Association Scheduling Problem
47: Capacitated Facility Allocation with Autonomous Vehicles
National Basketball Association Scheduling Simulation
49: A Comparison of Approaches to the Nurse Scheduling Problem
50: Cooking Time Optimization on Given Machine Constraints and Order Constraints
51: Major League Soccer Scheduling Problem
52: Finding Optimal Airport Hubs
53: An Introduction to the National Football League Scheduling Problem using Integer Programming
54: Optimal Decision-making in the NBA Free Agency Market
55: CMU Traveling Salesman Problem

56: Distance Weighted Discrimination Method: Parkinson's Disease
57: The Madness of March Madness
58: Queue Analysis and Impact of variability on Process Performance at Au Bon Pain
59: National Basketball Association: League Realignment
60: Minimizing Cost of Campus Food Subject to Nutritional Constraints
61: Optimizing Freshmen Dorm Assignment
62: Optimizing The Scheduling of Classes
63: CMU Final Exam Scheduling
64: The NBA Scheduling Problem