Multivariate Analysis (21-256) — Summer 2014

Time and place. Wean Hall 4623, weekdays 10:30–11:50am from 19th May 2014 to 27th June 2014.

Welcome to 21-256! This is a six-week summer course that will teach you how to use a wide range of mathematical tools from multivariate analysis. A student who completes this course with a good grade can expect to feel comfortable using the techniques they’ll need to embark upon quantitative study of phenomena in which several measurable variables are at play (e.g. in economics, business, statistics, social sciences). This course is advertised as being intended for economics and business majors, but in reality is suitable for many more.


Summary notes. I have prepared a collection of (somewhat terse) summary notes on topics covered, largely void of examples:

Vectors and matrices Optimization Integration


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Contact info

Email. The best way to get hold of me is by sending an email to cnewstead-at-cmu-dot-edu.

Mailbox. Wean Hall 6113: through the door and turn right.

Office hours. Over the summer I will be available to meet students by appointment.

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