Advances in Nonlinear Analysis


Download full program as ps file, or as TEX file. (Only collected abstracts, the schedule can be found below. A printed version of the complete program including additional information will be provided at the conference.)

Conference location: Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall.
Time Friday, May 30 Saturday, May 31 Sunday, June 1
8.00-9.00 Continental breakfast
(Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall)
Continental breakfast
(Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall)
Continental breakfast
(Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall)
Chair: Irene Fonseca
 G. Dal Maso, SISSA, Trieste
Existence results for variational models in fracture mechanics
Chair: David Kinderlehrer
 R. D. James, Minneapolis
The possible existence of some interesting hybrid materials nominally forbidden by basic physics
 Chair: Victor Mizel
G. Alberti, Pisa
Ginzburg-Landau functionals and the Plateau problem. 
A variational approach
10.00-10.45  K. Bhattacharya, Caltech
Free boundary problems in heterogeneous bodies
 B. Dacorogna, Lausanne
 Viscosity solutions and almost everywhere solutions of first order partial differential equations
 G. Dolzmann, Maryland
 Variational problems in the analysis of solid-solid phase transformations
10.45-11.15 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11.15-12.00 J. Malý, Charles University, Prague
 Scalar minimizers with fractal singular sets
 G. Buttazzo, Pisa
 Optimal networks in mass transportation problems
 P. Marcellini, Florence
Implicit partial differential equations
12.00-2.00 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
 Chair: David Owen
A. Garroni, Rome
 Gamma-limit of a variational model for dislocations
 Special sessions, see table below
Chair: Gianni Dal Maso
 E. Acerbi, Parma
From  p-laplacian  to
3.00-3.45   A. Braides, Rome
 Multiple scale effects in the passage from discrete to continuum variational problems
   G. Friesecke, Warwick
Minimum energy configurations of large atomistic systems
3.45-4.15 Coffee break   Coffee break
4.15-5.00 Free for discussions    R. V. Kohn, Courant, New York
 A continuum approach to structure of twist grain boundaries
6.30   Welcome reception 
(Schatz Dining Room, University Center)

Special sessions on Saturday, May 31, afternoon:
  Room: Wean Hall 6423 Room: Wean Hall 8427 Room: Wean Hall 5403
Time  I A  Partial Differential Equations
Chair: Massimiliano Morini
II A  Phase Boundaries and
Geometrical Evolution
Chair: Georg Dolzmann
III  Calculus of Variations
Chair: Marc Oliver Rieger
2.00  G. Pisante, Lausanne
Sufficient conditions for the existence of viscosity solutions for non convex Hamiltonians
 S. Watson, Northwestern Univ.
Coarsening dynamics of faceted crystal surfaces
 Q. Xia, Univ. of Texas
Variational problems in the intersection homology theory of singular varities
2.20  A. Domokos, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Regularity results for the p-Laplacian in the Heisenberg group
 H. Merdan, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Renormalization group methods and regimes in interface problems
 S. Levine, Duquesne Univ., Pittsburgh
Nonstandard Growth Functionals in Image Restoration
2.40  A. Tudorascu, Carnegie Mellon
General Fokker-Planck Equations via Monge-Kantorovich-Theory
 Y. Altundas, Univ. of Minnesota
Parallel Computation of Phase Field Model and Comparision with the Experiment
L. Freddi, Udine
A Young measures theory for martensitic thin films via dimension reduction
3.00  C. Rios, Mc Master Univ.
A higher dimensional Partial Legendre Transform and regularity of degenerate Monge Ampere equations
 J. S. Moll, Valencia
The Total Variation Flow with Measure Initial Conditions
 V. Kucher, San Diego
The second variation of a two-phase potential and some necessary conditions for local minimizers at an interface
3.20 Coffee break in the Lounge (Wean Hall 6620) Coffee break in the Lounge (Wean Hall 6620) Coffee break in the Lounge (Wean Hall 6620)
  I B  Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis II B  Homogenization and Calculus of Variations III  Calculus of Variations (cont.)
4.00  X. Yao, Texas A&M Univ.
A Minimax Method for Finding the Eigenpairs of Nonlinear Operators
 M. Camar-Eddine, Univ. of Utah
Determination of the closure of the set of elasticity functionals
N. Jung, Urbana-Champaign
Continuity Properties of Distributional Determinant of the Hessian
4.20   I. Nikolova, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Level Set-like Method Applied to Solving Markstein (Eiconal) Equation
 C. Wang, Univ. of Kentucky
The Aronsson equation for absolute minimizer of L-infinity functional associated with vector fields satisfying Hormander's condition
 J. Zimmer, Caltech, Passadena
On the computation of certain nonconvex hulls


The CNA, established in 1991, is a National Science Foundation sponsored research and training center concentrating in the areas including nonlinear analysis, continuum mechanics, scientific computation, and mathematical finance.