• Modeling Intratumor Gene Copy Number Heterogeneity using Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization data (pptx, pdf)
    WABI '13, September '13, Nice
  • Fennel: Streaming Graph Partitioning for Massive Scale Graphs (pdf)
    MASSIVE '13, September '13, Nice
  • Denser than the densest subgraph: extracting optimal quasi-cliques with quality guarantees (pptx, pdf)
    KDD '13, August '13, Chicago
  • Mathematical and Algorithmic Analysis of Network and Biological data
    Thesis Defense
    May 2013
  • Efficient Triangle Counting via Degree-based Partitioning (pptx,ppt)
    WAW 2010, Stanford University
  • Approximate Dynamic Programming (pdf)
  • Unmixing of Tumor States in aCGH data (ppt)
  • Data Mining with MapReduce: Graph and Tensor Algorithms with Applications
    Master Thesis, CMU
  • Algorithms for Denoising aCGH Data ( ppt )
    MLD Speaking Skills, Pittsburgh
  • Spectral Counting of Triangles in Power-Law Networks via Element-Wise Sparsification
    ASONAM 2009, Athens
  • On Polygonal Numbers and Fermat's Conjecture
    Additive Number Theory, CMU