21-701 Discrete Mathematics

Course Information and Handouts

The current course handouts can be found here: Handouts.pdf. This file will contain all important information about the course (syllabus, office hours, grading system, exam dates, etc). Also, all homework assignments and any updates will be added to this file as the course progresses. (There will be one exception: solutions to homeworks or exams will be handed out in class but will not be posted on-line.)

Getting Help

Normally, I will not answer queries by email. If you have any questions, please do one of the following:


The course Blackboard is available at: http://www.cmu.edu/blackboard/

It gives an access to the gradebook (under Tools) and the discussion forums (under Discussion Board).

You can use Blackboard's forum to post your questions. Also, other messages related to the course are welcome on the forum. In particular, if you see a question by somebody else and you know the answer or just want to add a comment, you are very welcome to post a follow-up message!

I will be checking the forum regularly during semester and posting replies to any queries that still need answers.

I hope that you will like the course!

Good luck!
Oleg Pikhurko