Mathematical Concepts and Proofs (21-128) — Fall 2015

This semester I'm serving as a TA for Mathematical Concepts and Proofs. I'll put stuff on here as and when it becomes relevant.

Recitations. Recitations are at 8:30am in Porter Hall A20 (Section A), 9:30am in Wean Hall 8220 (Section B) and 4:30pm in Doherty Hall 1117 (Section C).

Homework. Homework will be collected at the beginning of recitation on the due date. It is your responsibility to inform me if your homework is in my mailbox ahead of time: if I find it there after recitation with no prior announcement then it will be considered late. Please use a separate sheet of paper for each question; this is because each question will be graded by a different person.

Useful links.

Email. The best way to get hold of me is by sending an email to cnewstead-at-cmu-dot-edu.

Mailbox. I have a mailbox in Wean Hall 6113, which is the best place for submitting early (or late) homework assignments.

Office hours. I will be in my office (Wean Hall 8205) at the following times:

Tuesdays 11:30–12:30 and Fridays 15:30–16:30

If you can't make the office hours and you need my help, I'm just an email away.

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