Jacob Davis

I am PhD student in set theory at Carnegie Mellon University, with James Cummings as my advisor. I previously received a BA & MMath from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College).


Courses I have helped teach at CMU:
Semester Course Instructor
Fall 2010 21-300 & 600 Basic Logic Peter Andrews
Spring 2011 21-260 Differential Equations Irina Gheorghiciuc
Summer 2011 21-127 Concepts of Maths me
Fall 2011 21-241 Matrices & Linear Transformations Tim Flaherty
Spring 2012 21-260 Differential Equations David Handron
Fall 2012 21-241 Matrices & Linear Transformations Dana Mihai
Fall 2012 21-300 & 600 Basic Logic Jose Iovino
Spring 2013 21-259 Calculus in 3D Irina Gheorghiciuc
Fall 2013 21-242 Matrix Theory Boris Bukh
Spring 2014 21-623 Complex Analysis James Cummings
Fall 2014 21-127 Concepts of Maths Tim Flaherty
Spring 2015 21-261 Introduction to ODEs Jack Schaeffer
Fall 2015 21-127 Concepts of Maths Irina Gheorghiciuc

I have written an online tool that teaches students logic by allowing them to write simple proofs and then providing helpful feedback on what they write. You can use it to learn propositional logic and then predicate logic. The code is available open source.

Based on my time at Cambridge I compiled some advice on how to lecture.



I have scanned notes for a large number of Cambridge courses, and would be happy to share them. I edit the lectured material significantly and take great care to fill any gaps in the presentation and ensure a fully rigorous development.

Part III Category Theory2009-10 Prof. Johnstonedownloadaccess onlineThanks to Guilherme Frederico for his helperrata
Part III Logic & Set Theory2009-10 Dr Forsterdownload access onlineThanks to Cong Chen for his help


Ever wondered where your day goes? Find out by obsessively recording everything you do!

A report on performance in the Cambridge maths tripos results since 2002; it allows us to predict third and fourth year classes based on results in earlier years, and also compare the performances of different colleges. The (anonymised) original data is also available.

Email: re-order and punctuate appropriately cmu, edu and jd1. Office: Wean 7112, Carnegie Mellon University