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Complex Analysis



The course meets at 2:30-3:20 MWF in WEH 8220. Office hours are by appointment, please send email to to arrange an appointment. Homework will be set most Fridays and will be due by the start of class time on the following Friday. Late homework will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Prerequisites, text and syllabus

Prerequisites: 21127.

Text: Ahlfors "Complex analysis" (3rd edition)

Syllabus (tentative): Analytic functions, complex power series, conformal mapping, complex integration & Cauchy's theorem, residues, harmonic functions, entire functions, the zeta function, Riemann mapping theorem, elliptic and modular functions, analytic continuation, Riemann surfaces, Picard's theorem.


Exams, HW and grading policy

There will be a midterm and a final. My plan is that grades will be assigned according to a formula in which homework counts 40 percent, the midterm counts 25 percent and the final counts 35 percent; this is subject to change.

CMU policies on academic dishonesty will be rigorously enforced. You can expect to fail the course immediately if you copy work from others, and to have your final grade drop by two grade letters if you allow your work to be copied.


Homework sets and exams

  1. Homework 1 in PDF and the TeX source.
  1. Homework 2 in PDF and the TeX source.


Homework solutions

  1. Homework 1 solutions in PDF.




Lecture outlines

  1. Notes for the first week.