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CNA Working Group

CNA Working Group: Spring 2010

TITLE: Probabilistic Models in Mechanics and PDE

Organizer: Noel J. Walkington

Time: Tuesday 2:30-3:30 (1:30 if no CNA seminar)
First Meeting: Tuesday April 13
Final Meeting: Tuesday May 25

Probabilistic techniques arise in continuum, statistical, and quantum mechanics and give rise to partial differential equations which often contain stochastic terms. This working group focus on the origin, analysis, and interplay between various models.

Possible Topics:
1) Models from complex fluids (Walkington)
a) Classical Micro-Macro models (eg. Oldroyd-B fluid)
b) Polymer models and liquid crystals (ref. Doi and Edwards)

2) Numerical Approximation of Stochastic PDE (Prohl)

3) Stochastic models of the Hamiltonian systems (Iyer)

4) Connections between statistical, quantum, and continuum mechanics (Anyone?)