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Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute

Carnegie Mellon University offers a summer institute for undergraduates considering research careers in mathematical sciences. Undergraduate students often are unclear on exactly what graduate study and research will require of them and what it can offer them; unfortunately, many talented students decide against graduate studies in part because of this uncertainty. Our program is designed to help students make a rational decision by giving them a taste of the graduate experience, without excessive cost of time in their careers.

Students will spend eight weeks in Pittsburgh participating in a course in applied mathematics, a computer laboratory, and working on projects under the direction of research faculty. The course-work, while at a level appropriate to Juniors and Sophomores, is taught at graduate-level intensity, and the projects offer the chance to discover the pleasures, and frustrations, of attacking open-ended research problems. The students are given the opportunity to interact with current graduate students. We also aim to introduce students to areas of research in applied mathematics with which they may not be familiar, both through project work and through a series of seminars by research faculty and graduate students.

Admission to the program will be designed to create an ethnically and academically diverse group of participants.


  • Deborah Brandon
Office: Wean Hall 6122
Phone: 412-268-2552

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