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Mathematical Sciences TA and Grader positions

There are two kinds of course assistant positions in the Department of Mathematical Sciences:

The expected time commitment for all TA and Grader positions is 8–12 hours per week, on average, up to 15 hours in any single week.

Compensation is $16.00 or $17.00 per hour (depending on experience) as of Spring 2024—the pay for Fall 2024 positions has not yet been set, but will not be lower than this.

For more information about TA and Grader positions, please consult the TA and Grader Handbook (not yet updated for Fall 2024), and contact Clive Newstead ( if you have any questions.

Summer 2024 TA and Grader positions

There are currently no positions available for Summer 2024 courses. If any become available, they will be advertised to the "Math Announcements" email list—if you would like to be added to this list, please send an email to Clive Newstead ( to ask to be added.

Fall 2024 TA and Grader positions

Update (Jun 11, 2024): Most TA and Grader positions have now been filled. It is possible that more positions will become available between now and the start of the Fall 2024 semester, and some open up at the last minute, so if you are interested then you are still welcome to apply—more information is below.

Applications are open! You can apply to be a TA or Grader in Fall 2024 by completing this application form — you must be logged into your CMU Google Account to access the form.

Spring 2025 TA and Grader positions

Hiring for Spring 2025 TA and Grader positions will begin in early November 2024.