Shlomo Ta'asan

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh PA 15213
Office: Wean Hall 7216
Phone:  412-268-5582
Fax:  412-268-6380


Research Projects:

        From Microscopic Dynamics to Macroscopic Equations
                        Monoatomic Fluids
                        Binary Fluids
                        Grain Boundary Evolution
                        Kinetic Theories
           Coarse Graining
               Chemical Reactions with Chaos
           Computational Material Sciences
                      Mesoscale Simulation for Grain Boundary Evolution
           Computational  Biology
                    Immune System Modeling
                     Cellular Modeling
                     Modeling and Simulation of Biochemical Networks

Lecture Notes on Optimization: (Von Karman Institute, 1997)
           1.  Introduction to Shape Design and Control,   (PDF file , PostScript File , HTML )
            2. Theoretical Tools for Problem Setup, (PDF file , PostScript File , HTML)
            3. Infinite Dimensional Preconditioners for Optimal Design Problems, (PDF file , PostScript File , HTML )
            4. Multigrid One-Shot Methods and Design Strategy, (PDF file , PostScript File , HTML )

Drawings & Paintings