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Reha Tütüncü

Associate Professor
Dept. of Math. Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University

My contact information

I have been at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at CMU since getting my PhD in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering at Cornell University in 1996. Mike Todd was my thesis advisor at Cornell. I was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences at Tokyo Institute of Technology between April 2003 and September 2003.

At CMU, I participate in the interdisciplinary program Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization. I am also a member of the following CMU research centers:

My research focuses on development, analysis, and implementation of optimization algorithms and their application to practical problems. On the algorithm development side, I work on interior-point methods, semidefinite programming, and other convex optimization problems/methods. On the applications side, my focus is on optimization problems arising in financial models and process engineering problems.

In addition to teaching courses on Operations Research and Optimization, I run a project-based course for undergraduates. In this course, teams of 3-5 students work on projects sponsered/provided by local government, industry, and non-profit organizations. I wrote a blurb about this course for the math department newsletter in Fall 2000.