I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. Before that I was an H.C. Wang Assistant Professor at Cornell University and a Ph.D. student at TU Berlin. During the Fall semester 2017 I was at MSRI in Berkeley.

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This semester I am teaching 21-484 − Graph Theory.
My office hours are Thu 2 − 3 and by appointment.

My research develops new geometric and topological methods to solve problems that are amenable to such geometric and topological approaches. Such problems are often geometric themselves: examples include point sets in Euclidean space and how their convex hulls intersect, reconstruction of metric spaces from sufficiently dense samples, inscribing geometric shapes into curves, or studying convex polytopes. However, I also apply topological methods further afield to problems such as chromatic numbers of hypergraphs, fair division of goods and the existence of Nash equilibria, or intersections of intervals in the real line.