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Current Courses

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Fall 2020 Matrix Theory

Fall 2020 Descriptive Set Theory

Past Courses

Spring 2020 Math Studies Algebra II

Spring 2020 Topics in Algebra: Mathematical Paradoxes

Fall 2019 Math Studies Algebra I

Spring 2019 Combinatorics

Fall 2018 Matrix Theory

Fall 2018 Descriptive Set Theory

Spring 2018 Set Theory

Fall 2017 Basic Logic

Fall 2017 Algebra I

Spring 2017 Math Studies Algebra II

Fall 2016 Basic Logic

Fall 2016 Descriptive Ergodic Theory

Spring 2016 Algebraic Structures

Fall 2015 Descriptive Set Theory

Spring 2015 Set Theory

Fall 2014 Algebraic Structures

Papers, preprints, and notes

Clinton T. Conley