Join the Western PA ARML Team

How to Join

There is no fee for practice or participation in the ARML competition (thanks to the generous sponsorship of Jump Trading!) Travel to other competitions (when applicable) is highly subsidized.

Is ARML for me?

The team is open to all Pittsburgh-area 6th-12th graders who are excited about math and looking for a challenge! While there are no official entrance criteria for practice, we recommend a solid background in algebra and a basic background in geometry as a minimum. This practice competition is a good self-test. If you enjoy the questions and can get at least 3 points (according to the point values on the right) then you are in good shape to join the team.

While we are doing online classes, we have gotten many requests to join from people outside the Western PA area. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to handle the participation increase that would result from making practice open to anyone around the country. Therefore, we are limiting the online classes to students in Western PA (or nearby, e.g. Morgantown, WV).