Joining the Team

JV vs. Varsity


ARML Online

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are temporarily holding practices online. As running the team online is new to us, we are constantly making changes as needed. Please be patient as we figure out what will work best for the team.


  • Do the normal participation policies apply to ARML online?
    Yes (see above). We are limiting participation to students in Western PA or nearby (e.g. Morgantown, WV).
  • Do I need to separately register for ARML online?
    No, but you need a CMU ID in order to access the Canvas page. Use the link on the 'join the team' page to sign up for a CMU ID.

Accessing Online Practices

  • How will online practices be conducted?
    We will set up meetings using Zoom.
  • How do I get into the Zoom meeting?
    Find the link on the Canvas page in the Zoom tab.
  • Do I need to download the Zoom application onto my (laptop/phone/tablet)?
    You can, and it might be easier, but you don't need to. When you click the link to the meeting, there's an option to open the meeting in your browser. If you do want to download Zoom, please do so in advance of the meeting.
  • Do I need to buy a Zoom subscription?
    No. You can use Zoom without a paid subscription.
  • Will practices be posted online?
    Practice materials will be added to the archive page each week. We will not post recordings of practices.

Practice Details

  • When is practice?
    JV practice is Sunday 1-3pm, and Varsity practice is Sunday 3-5:30pm. The Zoom calls start at 1:30 and 4 respectively.
  • What does a typical practice look like?
    The problem set for practice is distributed before the Zoom meeting starts (30 minutes for JV and 1 hour for Varsity). The Zoom meeting may start with a short lesson or review of warm-up problems. Then the students are broken up into 'Breakout Rooms' of about 3-5 students each to work on the problems. Afterwards, we discuss solutions to some of the problems.
  • How do I get the problems for practice?
    Problems are distributed through mailing list and posted on the archive page).
  • Should I go to JV or Varsity?
    We recommend that you stick with your practice group so that you can get the most out of practice. That said, we're willing to be more flexible given the current situation. Each week, you are may to choose to attend either practice, or both.
  • If I'm new, which practice group should I go to?
    We usually recommend starting in JV. Students that start in Varsity are usually in 10th-12th grade and have a record of success in math competitions (e.g. AIME qualification). If you're not sure, take a look at some past practices from the archive page.