21-801 Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics: Additive Combinatorics

MW: Baker Hall 231B, 3:30-4:50PM

Terence Tao's Lecture Notes on Additive Combinatorics.
Imre Ruzsa's Lecture Notes on Additive Combinatorics.
Ben Green's Lecture Notes on Freiman's Theorem.
K. Soundararajan's Notes on Additive Combinatorics.
Jacques Verstraete's Notes of a course by Tim Gowers.
Akos Magyar's course in Combinatorial Number Theory.
Quasirandomness, Counting and Regularity for 3-Uniform Hypergraphs by Tim Gowers.
Notes from a Princeton course. See also some videos.
Zhi-Wei Sun's Notes on Szemeredi's Theorem
Jeffrey Wheeler's Notes on the Erdos-Heilbronn Problem

Hand-Written Notes

Book: Additive Combinatorics by T. Tao and V. Vu.

Some notes on Lattices.
Some papers on LLL algorithm and related topics.