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Center for Nonlinear Analysis
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
June 2–10, 2016
Venue: Baker Hall - Giant Eagle Auditorium (A51)

Lecturers and Topics:

Right: A top view of a hexagonal pyramid simulated with a phasefield model of selective area epitaxy; color indicates the mean curvature. Larry K. Aagesen, Michael E. Coltrin, Jung Han, and Katsuyo Thornton, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 117, 194302 (2015). Courtesy of Katsuyo Thornton

The mini-courses will be complemented by one-hour talks by researchers in related fields. The list includes:


Irene Fonseca, Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Giovanni Leoni, Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Stefan Müller, University of Bonn (Germany), Christoph Ortner, University of Warwick (UK)

Right: Dislocations emission during the formation of voids. Courtesy of M. Ortiz

Advanced graduate students and postdocs are invited to submit a title and an abstract for a poster. A cv will also be required. Each poster will be individually introduced with a five minute oral presentation. The deadline for submission of posters is April 15, 2016.

Advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply for financial support.The deadline for applications is April 15, 2016.

Left: A discrete edge dislocation in a cubic lattice.

Center for Nonlinear Analysis
Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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This conference is sponsored by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University and the National Science Foundation.

Right: Deformed configuration in atomic units of a BQCE solution for a microcrack. The color and size of the atom positions indicate the value of the blending function. From: Formulation and optimization of the energy-based blended quasicontinuum method, Mitchell Luskin, Christoph Ortner, and Brian Van Koten. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 253:160–168, 2013