Working Group: Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
Fall 2016

Logistical Information

Organizers Gautam Iyer and Ian Tice
Location Usually Tuesdays 2:30PM in WEH 7218.
Current Schedule www.math/CNA/cnawgroups.php
Mailing List lists.andrew/mailman/listinfo/fluids-wg

Topics and References

The topics and speakers are as follows.

  • Jack Schaeffer (9/20): Kinetic Theory

  • Lei Wu (9/27, 10/4): Hydrodynamic Limit (2 talks) (Reference: Miller)

  • Josh Ballew (10/11): From a Mesoscopic to Macroscopic Description of Fluid-Particle Interaction. (References: Carrillo, Goudon, Millet, Vasseur, Millet, Vasseur)

  • Jian-Guo Liu (10/18) Curve evolution equations related to the Camassa-Holm equation “-equation”. (Reference: Duan Liu)

  • Bob Pego (10/25): Euler Sprays (References: Pego, Slepčev, Liu)

  • Yue Pu (11/1): Minimal geodesics on groups of volume-preserving maps and generalized solutions of the Euler equations (References: Brenier)

  • Xiao Xu (11/8): Vorticity growth in the Euler Equations. (References: Kiselev Šverák)

  • Antoine Remond-Tiedrez (11/15): Helmholtz decompositions for the Stokes problem (Reference: Boyer Fabrie)

  • Noel Walkington (11/22): Properties of the Equations Modelling Viscoelastic Fluids (References: Perroti, Wang, Walkington, Walkington)

  • Giovanni Gravina (11/29): A variational approach for water waves (References: Arama Leoni, Alt Caffarelli)

  • Laurent Dietrich (12/6): Speed-up of combustion fronts in shear flows. (References: Hamel, Zlatoš)