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Carnegie Mellon Center for Nonlinear Analysis
Advances in Multiscale Kinetic Modeling of Grain Growth in Polycrystals


Maria Emelianenko
George Mason University
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Abstract: This talk will focus on the simulation and analysis of the effects grain growth has on the properties of polycrystalline materials. Several kinetic models have been developed in recent years that can predict coarsening rates and accurately describe evolution of important grain boundary distributions. This talk will focus on the progress made in combining these novel mesoscopic level descriptions with macroscopic microstructure analysis tools such as OOF2. In particular, it will discuss the strategy for quantifying the rates of degradation experienced by the microstructure during coarsening and quantify the impact texture and other initial grain boundary distributions have on the local stress/strain development and other materials properties. Some discussion of the novel simulation and numerical modeling techniques used in this analysis will also be provided.