2006 CNA Summer School
Probabilistic and Analytical Perspectives on Comtemporary PDEs
May 29- June 6, 2006 
Parallel Session I will be in the Giant Eagle Auditorium (A51) 
Parallel Session II will be in the auditorium across the hall (A53)
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      Parallel Session I   Parallel Session I          
        Stochastic   Particle and        
    PDEs/ODEs Fluids Analysis PDEs/ODEs System SPDEs        
4:30-4:50 F. Dragoni D. Bourne P. Jarakiraman P. Faria I. Grigorescu      
4:50-5:10 B. Ibrahimou J. Jang R. Neel J. Shahul Hammed H.Wang        
5:10-5:30 V. Kamotski   M. Panthee D. Wu        
      Parallel Session II   Parallel Session II          
      Probabilistic    Numerical Analysis          
      Representation   & Scientific Computing          
  4:30-4:50   P. Cheridito   H. Li          
  4:50-5:10   S. Menozzi   J. Pietarila Graham          
  5:10-5:30   H. Dong   C. Zhang          
5:30-5:50         L. Zhang