Carnegie MellonCenter for Nonlinear Analysis      PIRE

PIRE-CNA 2016 Summer School

New Frontiers in Nonlinear Analysis for Materials

Venue: Baker Hall - Giant Eagle Auditorium (A51)

Directions for the BBQ

The BBQ will be held at the third floor patio of the Gates Building.

From West Wing exit the building and walk straight ahead past the tennis court. Keep going straight until you come to the bridge. Walk across the bridge and enter the Gates Building You can take the spiral ramp to the third floor. Once you are there make a left and exit the building. Make another left and you will find the patio.

If you would like to take the elevator, once you enter the building make a right and walk down the hallway. The elevators are to the right. Get off on three and make a left out the door and then another left where you will find the patio.

From Wean take the elevator to the fourth floor. Exit left and then another left. Walk straight ahead. At the end of the hall way you can take the stairs. At the bottom of the stair walk outside and make a right. You will be facing the Gates Building. From there you will make another right and will find the patio.