A few personal links

A brief biography

MCS article "Mathematics in the Desert"

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is where I was raised. In the map of Latrobe I was on Spring St., and he was on Weldon St.
Arnold Palmer also called Latrobe home.
Shadyside, a Pittsburgh, PA neighborhood is where I live.
Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is among the neatest people I have ever met.
A picture of the first computer "bug" as logged by Grace Hopper.
The Kingston Trio remains my favorite group.
Some favorite quotes.
A sidewalk compliment.
American Cribbage Congress Cribbage is my game. Here I am holding a a crib of four queens at PGSS 04 Board Game Night.
Rembrandt is my favorite artist!
I am a member of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, part of the Presbyterian Church in the USA.
Roberto Clemente was my favorite baseball player.
I had a 75 gallon aquarium. Here is a link to a good resource on tropical fish: AC Tropical Fish
Relaxing marbled hatchet fish video
Book of Tobit

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