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About me

I am a 6th year Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. I expect to receive my degree in May 2021, under the direction of Rami Grossberg.

My research is in model theory, an area of mathematical logic. I work in pure model theory and in finding connections between model theory and algebra. My research focuses primarly on abstract elementary classes (AECs). AECs are a semantic generalization of the model theory of infinitary logics like L_\infinity,\omega(Q) and its fragments. Some natural examples of AECs that I have studied are: torsion abelian groups with pure embeddings, flat modules with pure embeddings and absolutely pure modules with embeddings. None of these are first-order axiomatizable. CV , Publication list with abstracts.


Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences,
Advisor : Rami Grossberg,
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Carnegie Mellon University.

M. Sc. in Mathematics,
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Carnegie Mellon University.

2010- 2015:
Licenciatura en Matemáticas (B.S. in Mathematics),
Advisor: Timothy Gendron,
Facultad de Ciencias,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.