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            "Finding perfect matchings in random regular graphs in linear time" (Submitted, arXiv)              

            "Finding perfect matchings in random cubic graphs in linear time" (Submitted, arXiv)              

            ''On the connectivity threshold for colorings of random graphs and hypergraphs"(Submitted, arXiv)                                  

            "Constraining the clustering transition for colorings of sparse random graphs" (The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 25-1 (2018), arXiv)

            "Pattern Colored Hamilton Cycles in Random Graphs" (Submitted,  arXiv)                                                                               

            "Connectivity of the k-out Hypercube"(SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 32-3 (2018), 2194–2216, arXiv)

            "A Ramsey Property of Random Regular and k-out Graphs"(Submitted, arXiv)                                                                        

            "Packing Directed Hamilton Cycles Online"(SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 32-2 (2018), 1505-1539,arXiv)              

            "Randomly Coloring Simple Hypergraphs with Fewer Colors" (Information Processing Letters 126 (2017): 39-42, arXiv)  

            "How many randomly colored edges make a randomly colored dense graph rainbow hamiltonian or rainbow connected?(Submitted, arXiv)

            "Purchasing a C_4 Online" (Submitted, arXiv)