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Foundations of Higher Mathematics (Math 300) — Fall 2018

Welcome to Math 300! As its name suggests, this course will introduce you to the fundamental mathematical concepts and skills that you will need to study mathematics at a higher level than a typical introductory calculus and linear algebra sequence. We will emphasise both problem-solving and proof-writing skills, including typesetting mathematics using LaTeX.

Most administrative aspects of the course will be handled using Canvas.

Time and place. Class meets MoWeFr 9:00–9:50am in Tech MG51. Discussion meets Tu 9:00–9:50 in Tech MG51.

Syllabus. You can download the course syllabus here.

Textbook. Our textbook will be my book-in-progress, An infinite descent into pure mathematics, which can be downloaded for free here.

Homework. Homework assignments will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesdays—they can be downloaded from Canvas.

Examinations. There will be a midterm exam and a final exam.

  • Midterm. During class on Wednesday 31st October.
  • Final. 3:00–5:00pm on Thursday 13th December (Tech MG51).