Differential and Integral Calculus (21-120) — Feedback on Homework 8

Homework 8 was due on Thursday 17th October 2013 and consisted of:

I marked 4.4/56, 4.5/14 and 4.5/56 (each out of 3; a free mark was given for submitting the homework.

Section 4.4 Q56. This question was a typical l'Hospital's rule question: you needed to take the logarithm of the function and notice that $$\ln[(\tan 2x)^x] = x \ln(\tan 2x) = \frac{\ln(\tan 2x)}{1/x}$$ This is in a form where we can apply l'Hospital's rule. The final answer is what you get when you raise the limit as a power of $e$.

Section 4.5 Q 14, 56. These were mostly done well, at least by those who were successful in finding the derivatives of the functions. Most people didn't do the last part of Q56, which was a bit frustrating!

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