Eight lectures on Random Graphs:
Talks given at a joint MAA-AMS meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, January 3/4, 2005.

Lecture 1: Evolution of Gn,m-- Tom Bohman

Lecture 2: Thresholds for some basic properties --Oleg Pikhurkho

Lecture 3: The probabilistic method -- Benny Sudakov

Lecture 4:  Small subgraphs -- Andrzej Rucinski

Lecture 5:  Random regular graphs -- Nick Wormald

Lecture 6: Independence and chromatic number; dense case -- Mike Molloy

Lecture 7:  Independence and chromatic number; sparse case -- Dimitris Achlioptas
                   Power Point version

Lecture 8:  Random graph models of the web -- Alan Frieze


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Random Structures and Algorithms

Combinatorics, Probability and Computing