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Welcome to my page. I am a professor at Carnegie Mellon University where I work in the Mathematical Sciences Department. My main research interest is set theory and mathematical logic, and I am part of the CMU interdisciplinary program in logic.

When I'm not doing maths I enjoy reading, movies and travel. On the left those of you with graphical browsers can see a picture of me and my wife Julia Deems taken at the highly recommended Log Country Inn in Ithaca NY. Below you will find a few links to things I've done or been interested in over the last few years.

Many thanks to Nancy McGough for her help building my page.

At the insistence of the inimitable Anne Schwartz I will reveal that my office phone number is (412) 2682551. Email is a much better way to reach me, you will find an image of my email address (to foil evil spammers) at the bottom of the page.



For the benefit of people who are searching the web looking for me or members of my family, here is some information about me which is full of keywords. I grew up in Oxford (England), went to school at Eton and was a student at Trinity College in Cambridge. In the USA I have studied or worked at Caltech, MSRI Berkeley, MIT, and Dartmouth. I have also spent time at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. My sister Jennifer Lockett does not have web pages but does have e-mail. You should be able to email her by clicking on her name.




Movies, books, travel, politics, art


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