Research interests

My research is focused on the study of (local and nonlocal) variational models that arise in different situations.
In particular, I am interested in problems with a variational nature from Materials Science, Imaging Science and Big Data.
The general goal is to use rigorous mathematical tools to explain how the basic features of a model relate to the experimental observations, thus helping to understand the phenomenon under investigation and, eventually, validating (or not) the model.


[7] R. Cristoferi, M. Thorpe     Large data limit for a phase transition model with the p-Laplacian on point clouds
            Submitted (pdf - 427Kb)

[6] R. Cristoferi, I. Fonseca     Piecewise constant reconstruction of damaged color images
            Submitted (pdf - 475Kb)

[5] M. Caroccia, R. Cristoferi, L. Dietrich     Equilibria configurations for epitaxial crystal growth with adatoms
            Submitted (pdf - 636Kb)

[4] R. Cristoferi,     Exact solutions for the denoising problem of piecewise constant images in dimension one
            Submitted (pdf - 569Kb)

[3] R. Cristoferi,     On periodic critical points and local minimizers of the Ohta-Kawasaki functional
            Nonlin. Anal.  168 (2018), 81-109 (pdf - 2053Kb)

[2] R. Cristoferi,     A second order local minimality criterion for the triple junction singularity of the Mumford-Shah functional
            To appear on ESAIM: COCV (pdf - 510Kb)

[1] M. Bonacini, R. Cristoferi,     Local and global minimality results for a nonlocal isoperimetric problem on \mathbb{R}^N
            SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis  46-4 (2014), 2310-2349. (pdf - 555Kb)

In preparation

Many, many papers... :)