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Marcos Mazari-Armida


Department of Mathematical Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Office: Wean Hall 7211

Email: mmazaria (at) andrew (dot) cmu (dot) edu



  1. Marcos Mazari-Armida and Sebastien Vasey, Universal classes near $\aleph_1$, The Journal of Symbolic Logic 83 (2018), no. 4, 1633–1643. Publisher version, pdf, arXiv.

  2. Marcos Mazari-Armida, Non-forking w-good frames,  Archive for Mathematical Logic (), 1-26. Publisher version, pdf, arXiv.

  3. Marcos Mazari-Armida, Algebraic description of limit models in classes of abelian groups, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (), 17 pages. Publisher version, pdfarXiv.

  4. Thomas G. Kucera and Marcos Mazari-Armida and , On universal modules with pure embeddings. Submitted: pdf, 17 pages. July 31st, 2019. arXiv.

  5. Marcos Mazari-Armida, Superstability, noetherian rings and pure-semisimple rings, Submitted: pdf, 20 pages, August 26th, 2019. arXiv.

  6. Marcos Mazari-Armida, On superstability in the class of flat modules and perfect rings, Submitted: pdf, 14 pages, October 25th, 2019. arXiv.