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21-260: Differential Equations

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Schedule and Homework

For each week there will be a link to a page with a reading assignment and a homework assignment.

This schedule is tentative. It will get more accurate as the semester progresses. No week's topics should be taken as final until the homework is linked.

Week #1: 
Aug 29 - Sep 2
1.1 Some Basic Mathematical Models; Direction Fields.
1.3. Classification of Differential Equations.
2.2. Seperable Equations.
2.1. Linear Equations with Variable Coefficients.
Week #2: 
Sep 5 - 9
2.3. Modeling with First Order Equations.
2.5. Autonomous Equations and Population Dynamics.

Administrative Note: Monday 5 September is Labor Day. Class will not meet.
Week #3: 
Sep 12 - 16
2.4. Differences between Liner and Nonlinear Equations.
2.7. Numerical Approximations: Euler's Method.
7.1. Introduction (to Systems of First Order Equations).
Week #4: 
Sep 19 - 23
7.2. Review of Matrices.
7.3. Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations; Linear Independence, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors.
7.4. Basic Theory of Systems of First Order Linear Equations.
Week #5: 
Sep 26 - 30
7.5. Homogeneous Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients.
7.6. Complex Eigenvalues.

Exam #1 will be given on Wednesday 28 September. The exam will be held during your regular class time.
Here are some review problems.
Week #6: 
Oct 3 - 7
7.8. Repeted Eigenvalues.
9.1. The Phase Plane; Linear Systems.
9.2. Autonomous Systems and Stability.
Week #7: 
Oct 10 - 14
9.3. Almost Linear Systems.
3.1. Homogeneous Equations with Constant Coefficients.
3.4. Complex Roots of the Characteristic Equation.
Week #8: 
Oct 17 - 21
3.5. Repeated Roots; Reduction of Order.
3.2. Fundamental Solutions of Linear Homogeneous Equations.

Administrative note: Friday 21 October is the Mid-Semester Break. Class will not meet.
Week #9: 
Oct 24 - 28
3.8. Mechanical and Electrical Vibrations
3.6. Nonhomogeneous Equations; Method of Undetermined Coefficients.

Exam #2 will be given on Wednesday 26 October. Here are some review problems.
Week #10: 
Oct 31 - Nov 4
3.9. Forced Vibrations.
6.1. Defenition of the Laplace Transform.
6.2. Solution of Initial Value Problems.
Week #11: 
Nov 7 - 11
6.3. Step Functions.
6.4. Differential Equations with Discontinuous Forcing Functions.
6.5. Impulse Functions.

Administrative Note: Monday 3 November is the Course Drop and Pass/Fail grade option deadline. Grade of "W" is assigned after this date.
Week #12: 
Nov 14 - 18
6.6. The Convolution Integral.
10.2. Fourier Series.
10.3. The Fourier Convergence Theorem.
Week #13: 
Nov 21 - 25

Administrative Note: November 17 - 21 is Spring 2004 Registration Week.
Exam #3 will be given on Monday 21 November. Here is a study guide. More items may be added, so check back.
Administrative Note: November 23--25 is the Thanksgiving Holiday. Class will not meet on these days.
Week #14: 
Nov 28 - Dec 2
10.4. Even and Odd Functions.
Chapter 10, Appendix A. Derivation of the Heat Equations
10.5. Heat Conduction in a Rod.
Week #15: 
Dec 5 - 9
10.1. Two Point Boundary Value Problems.
10.6. Other Heat Conduction Problems.
10.7. The Wave Equation; Vibrations of an Elastic String.

Administrative note: Friday 9 December is the last day of class.
Friday 9 December is also the course drop deadline to receive a "W" grade.
Final Exam
The Final Exam will be given on Monday 12 December, from 8:30-11:30am, in PH 100. Take this into account when making your travel plans. Here are some review problems.