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21-241 Matrix Algebra

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Assignments: Week #3


  • Monday: Section 1.1 pp. 3-13, and Section 6.1 pp. 429-433. (Also see posted notes on Vector Spaces, section 3.1 Introduction).
  • Wednesday: Section 1.2 pp. 18-19, and Section 1.3 pp. 34-41. (Also see posted notes on Vector Spaces, section 3.2 The Geometry of Linear Systems).
  • Friday: Section 3.6 pp. 211-214, and Section 6.4 all (Depending on your background, some examples may not make sense: 6.49, 6.50, 6.53(a), Theorem 6.15). (Also see posted notes on Vector Spaces, section 3.3 Linear Transformations.)


  • Wednesday: WeBWorK - Week #3 Online Homework.
  • Friday: Week #3 Written Homework:
    1. Section 6.1 #4.
    2. Section 6.1 #12.
    3. Let V be the set of differentiable functions f satisfying f'(x)-2f(x)=0. Show that, using the addition and scalar multiplication described in Example 6.4 of Section 6.1 (p.431), V is a vector space.

Homework assignments may be turned in before or after class on the due day, or may be placed in your TA's mailbox before 3:20pm on that day. The TA's mailboxes are in the Math Department office, WEH 6113.

Please make sure your homework includes the following:

  1. Your name (on every page if you ignore #4.),
  2. Your class section,
  3. The names of those students with whom you have collaborated,
  4. a staple.