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21-241: Matrix Algebra

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The course will have three mid-term exams and a final exam. The mid-term exams will be given on

Exam #1: Wednesday 29 September
Exam #2: Wednesday 27 October
Exam #3: Monday 22 November

Tests will be closed book and calculators will not be allowed. Makeups will not be given. In case of documented illness or family emergency or documented University sponsored trips, you will be assigned a grade for the missing test based on an appropriate section of the final exam (that is, the appropriate questions on the final exam will count both toward the final exam score and as a replacement score for the missing test).

The final exam has not yet been scheduled. It may take place as late as December 21. If you must make travel plans before the exam schedule is released, you should not schedule your departure from campus before 8:30pm on December 21. No student will be allowed to take the final exam early.


Homework will normally be assigned weekly, and turned in on Fridays.

Students in Recitation sections A--D may turn in their homework at the begining or end of Friday's lecture (Lecture 1 or 2), or slide it under Dr. Handron's office door before 2:20. Homework turned in after 2:20 will be regarded as late.

Students in Recitation section E should contact Dr. Frieze regarding homework policies.

Late homework assignments will be accepted, up until the recitation following the original due date. (In most cases this will be six days.) The first late homework will be given full credit. Thereafter, the late assignments will be penalized. The second will be given half credit, the third 1/3 credit, and so on. The tenth late homework and any subsequent late homeworks will be given no credit.

Grade Computation

The final grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the homework and quizzes, the three midterm exams, and the final exam according to the following algorithm:
Homework        15%
Midterms        60%
Final exam      25%

Letter Grades

The general scheme for assigning letter grades will be:

A: > 85, B: 75-84, C: 65-74, D: 50-64, R: < 49

Adjustments (up or down) to this default scheme will be made for assignments throughout the semester.