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21-235/236: Math Studies

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The course will have one mid-term exam and a final exam. Both of these will be take-home exams. The mid-term exam will be given around Week #6 or Week #7, before the mid-semester break.


Homework will normally be assigned weekly, and turned in on [What]days.

Late homework assignments will be accepted, up until the recitation following the original due date. (In most cases this will be six days.) The first late homework will be given full credit. Thereafter, the late assignments will be penalized. The second will be given half credit, the third 1/3 credit, and so on. The tenth late homework and any subsequent late homeworks will be given no credit.

You will be required to typeset all your homework papers using LaTeX. Templates and instructions for the basic operation of LaTeX will be provided to you. Don't worry, it's not that much trouble once you get started.

Problem Session

There will be a weekly problem session wherin the class will work together to solve some challenging problems. You will be required to keep track of the solutions, and write up some of them (individually) for grading.

Grade Computation

The final grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the homework and quizzes, the three midterm exams, and the final exam according to the following algorithm:
Homework        40%
Midterms        25%
Final exam      35%

The written solutions to Problem Session problems will be used as a basis for rounding the averages of students who are near a grade cutoff.

Letter Grades

The general scheme for assigning letter grades will be:

A: > 85, B: 75-84, C: 65-74, D: 50-64, R: < 49

Adjustments (up or down) to this default scheme will be made for assignments throughout the semester.