21-118: Calculus of Approximation
Schedule and Homework

For each week there will be a link to a page with a reading assignment and a homework assignment.

This schedule is tentative. It will get more accurate as the semester progresses. No week's topics should be taken as final until the homework is linked.

Week #8: 
March 8-10
4.4 Indeterminate forms and L'Hospital's Rule
Week #9: 
March 13-17
4.9 Newton's Method
11.1 Sequences
Week #10: 
March 20-24
11.2 Series
11.3 The Integral Test and Estimates of Sums
Administrative Note: Spring break is March 27-31.
Week #11: 
April 3-7
11.4 The Comparison Tests
The First Exam will be given in class on Friday, April 7. Here is a study guide
Week #12: 
April 10-14
11.5 Alternating Series

Administrative Note: Friday, April 14 is Carinval. Class will not meet on Friday.
Week #13: 
April 17-21
11.6 Absolute Convergence and the Ratio and Root Tests
11.7 Strategy for Testing Series
11.8 Power Series
Week #14: 
April 24-28
11.9 Representations of Functions as Power Series
11.10 Taylor and Maclaurin Series
The First Exam Retest will be given on Tuesday, April 25 at 7:30am in DH2315.
If you are registering for 21-260: Differential Equations next fall, give some consideration to 21-124: Modeling with Differential Equations, being offered for the first time in Fall 2000.
Week #15: 
May 1-5
11.12 Applications of Taylor Polynomials
The Second Exam will be given in class on Friday, May 5. Here are some review problems

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