Not Offered Spring 2003

21-124: Differential Equations Lab

(Sec. A - 9:30 Tu, Sec. B - 10:30 Tu, Sec. C - 11:30 Tu)
Instructor: Handron

The collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge can be
modeled using differential equations.

21-124 Modeling with Differential Equations is a 3-credit supplement to 21-260 Differential Equations. Researchers use differential equations to model real world phenomena. They give insight into the behavior of a system and allow predictions to be made about the future. In 21-124, we will investigate how mathematical models are made and studied

Throughout the semester, we will consider interest rate models, population dynamics, chaotic differential equations, competing businesses, military conflict, pendula, springs and swaying buildings.

We will be using MATLAB throughout the course, but no knowledge of that program will be assumed.