21-117: Integration and Differential Equations

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The course will have two exams. The First Exam will be given in class on Friday, September 21. The Second Exam will be given in class on Friday, October 12.

Tests will be closed book and no calculators. A student may reschedule an exam in case of documented illness or family emergency or documented University sponsored trips.

On Friday, October 19, there will be an opportunity for students who score below 75 on the First or Second Exam to take a retest. Only one of the exams may be retested in this way. If you choose to take a retest, the grade used in computing your final average will be MIN( 75, MAX( Original Score, Retest Score ).


Quizzes will be given in Recitation sections approximately once per week. Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped from your quiz average. If you miss one quiz, that will be the grade that is dropped. If a documented illness or family emergency or documented University sponsored trip causes you to miss more than one quiz, the second and subsequent quizzes may be made up.


You will be given homework assignments to help you prepare for the quizzes. It is expected that you will solve all the problems on each assignment. Your homework will not be collected or graded, however. Homework problems will be grouped according to difficulty. Homework problems marked with a are the easiest problems. Try them for a warmup. If you have difficulties with them, you should reread the section and your class notes more carefully. Problems marked are more difficult, but still straightforward if you keep your wits about you. The problems are the most difficult, and the occasional problem marked will present a challenge to even the brightest students in the class.

Grade Computation

The final average for the course will be determined by your performance on the quizzes and on the two exams, weighted in the following way:
              Quiz Average    30%
              First Exam      35%
              Second Exam     35%

Letter Grades

Letter grades will be assigned according to the following guidelines:
R: < 49, D: 50-64, C: 65-74, B: 75-84, A: > 85
Adjustments to this scheme may be made if there is some operator-error in making up the tests.