Maintaining an old texlive installation.

As of 2014-07-12, texlive 2013 is no longer supported and users are required to upgrade to texlive 2014. Consequently, any attempts to install new packages with tlmgr are met with an unfriendly message of the form:

tlmgr: The TeX Live versions supported by the repository (2014) does not include the version of the local installation (2013).

If you’d like to keep using your old (2013) installation, and need to run tlmgr for some reason, then do the following first:

tlmgr option repository

Now you should be able to manage packages with tlmgr as usual. (Note: No updates for texlive 2013 will be available; but you can certainly install / remove packages…)


  • Problem
    Anonymous (2014-09-08 14:35:45)

    If I do what you suggest and then try to install a package I get the following error:

    TeX Live 2013 is frozen forever and will no longer be updated. This happens in preparation for a new release.

    If you’re interested in helping to pretest the new release (when pretests are available), please read Otherwise, just wait, and the new release will be ready in due time. tlmgr: package repository

    I am sure this can be made to work, but clearly something else needs to be done.

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