Adjusting the space between references in the bibliography.

If you use LaTeX and want to adjust the spacing between each item in your bibliography, then download bibspacing.sty and put the following in your document:

\setlength{\bibitemsep}{.2\baselineskip plus .05\baselineskip minus .05\baselineskip}

Change the spacing to whatever you desire of course. This works even if you use BibTeX.

Alternate approach.

Alternately, if you don’t want to download bibspacing.sty, you can just include it’s contents into the preamble of your LaTeX source:

\newlength{\bibitemsep}\setlength{\bibitemsep}{.2\baselineskip plus .05\baselineskip minus .05\baselineskip}

This method also works if you use BibTeX.


This was adapted from here. See an alternate approach here.


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