Ernest Schimmerling ; Basic Logic

© 2013, 2014 Ernest Schimmerling

Online textbook for Basic and Intermediate Logic

This online textbook was written by Ernest Schimmerling, who will use it when he teaches Carnegie Mellon University Mathematical Sciences Department undergraduate course 21-300 Basic Logic in Fall, 2013, and 21-400 Intermediate Logic in Spring, 2014.

Expect the textbook to be revised before, during and after the semesters. Please tell me should you notice mistakes or have mathematical or typographical suggestions. For now, the textbook is really a good set of notes to accompany the lectures. Reading it is not a substitute for attending class.

21-300 is taken by both majors and non-majors. Before starting 21-300, students are expected to have done well in at least one other course that was entirely about mathematical definitions, theorems and proofs. They must already have this much experience reading, writing and thinking about theoretical mathematics. There are many ways to meet this requirement, too many to list here.

21-300 is the first semester of a two-semester mathematical logic sequence. The second semester, 21-400 is on Gödel's incompleteness theorem and related results.

Getting A's in 21-300 and 21-329 also opens the door to graduate level mathematical logic courses such as 21-602 and 21-603.

The course mechanics will be explained on the first day of class each semester. See you there!