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Undergraduate Courses 21-373
Algebraic Structures

Fall or Spring: 9 units

Groups: Homomorphisms. Subgroups, cosets, Lagrange's theorem. Conjugation. Normal subgroups, quotient groups, first isomorphism theorem. Group actions, Cauchy's Theorem. Dihedral and alternating groups. The second and third isomorphism theorems. Rings: Subrings, ideals, quotient rings, first isomorphism theorem. Polynomial rings. Prime and maximal ideals, prime and irreducible elements. PIDs and UFDs. Noetherian domains. Gauss' lemma. Eisenstein criterion. Fields: Field of fractions of an integral domain. Finite fields. Applications to coding theory, cryptography, number theory. 3 hours lecture. Prerequisite: 21-127, 21-241.