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Undergraduate Courses 21-112
Calculus II

Fall or Spring: 10 units

Inverse functions, definite and indefinite integrals, and hyperbolic functions; applications of integration, integration by substitution and by parts. Partial derivatives and Lagrange multipliers.

3 hours lecture, 2 hours recitation.

Prerequisite: 21-111.


This pair of courses, 21-111/112, is designed for students who want to take calculus but need a significant amount of pre-calculus material. It is primarily intended for H&SS students.

Successful completion of 21-111/112 Calculus I & II allows the student to move on to either 21-122 Integration, Differential Equations and Approximation, 21-259 Calculus in 3D, or to 21-256 Multivariate Analysis in the mathematics sequence for Business Administration and Economics students.