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Patsy J. McCarthy
Assistant to the Department Head
Office: Wean Hall 6109
Phone: 412-268-2545

Stella Andreoletti
Student Records Coordinator
Office: Wean Hall 6119
Phone: 412-268-2545

Nancy Watson
Department Secretary
Office: Wean Hall 6113
Phone: 412-268-2545

Charles Harper
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 412-268-2545

Jeff Moreci
Business Manager
Office: Wean Hall 6111
Phone: 412-268-3859

Joe Evans
Systems Administrator, MCS
Office:  Wean Hall 6102
Phone:  412-268-3546

Adrian Dumitrasc
Principal Systems Administrator
Office:  Wean Hall 6108
Phone:  412-268-3158

Florin Manolache
Director of Scientific Computing for MCS
Office:  Wean Hall 6208
Phone:  412-268-8486