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Masters Degree

Masters Requirements

The Department of Mathematical Sciences does not have a Masters program as such. However, doctoral students may receive a Masters degree as a milestone and some students leave the program after obtaining a Masters degree. Obtaining a Masters degree takes successful completion of 96 units of course credit with a B- or better average. Issues sometimes arise with students taking courses in other departments. Those issues are handled by a committee consisting of the Department Head, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Associate Head of Mathematical Sciences and one other faculty member. This committee is responsible for deciding what are acceptable substitutions to obtain a Masters degree. The certification of the Masters degree is performed by the Graduate Student Retention Committee after a review of the student’s academic record and exam results.

Master of Science in Computational Finance

This professional degree program is offered jointly by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Tepper School of Business, the Department of Statistics, and the the H. John Heinz III College. Admission is obtained through the Tepper School of Business. The program, which begins in August and conclude in December of the following year, includes courses in finance, computing, mathematical modeling for finance, and statistics. There is currently no financial support available for students in this program. More detailed information about the program in Computational Finance is available on the Master of Science in Computational Finance web site.