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Graduate Seminar

Daniel Rodriguez Vanegas
Carnegie Mellon University
Title: A glimpse into the unpublished works of A.A. Markov

Abstract: Recall that glimpsin' is defied as "making eye contact in a flirtatious way". Understanding glimpsin' and love has been of great interest among humans. Randomness has been the mathematical framework proposed for their study. We will be glimpsing into two different yet potentially equivalent mathematical approaches.

On one hand Andrey Andreyevich Markov (A.A. Markov or for his friends simply Markov) is one of the most prominent "sick" mathematicians that worked in stochastic processes during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Markov is mostly known for his chains that although not very long are very reliable. However, very few know that after breaking his chains, he followed one of his many nerdette girlfriends to Greece. There he worked in his unpublished theory "Glimpsin' with crush, chains and random love". This work recently discovered by Jon Snow and Till Teabagburrows, discusses the randomness of love and how a glimpsin' is enough for determining the crush.

On the other hand we have the A.A. Markov (Alcoholic Anonymous with Markov), that also proposes a theory: "The alcoholic glimpse of love". This theory postulates that all randomness in love comes from misusage of alcohol. It is supported by an extensive amount of experiments ran by the A.A. Markov members.

We will be glimpsin' into bits of the unpublished work of Markov's and discussing some applications. Also we will see how this work relates to the "The alcoholic glimpse of love". If time permits, we will give insight on the equivalence of this two theories.

Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: Wean Hall 8220
Submitted by:  Yangxi Ou
Note: the Fourth Annual Markov Talk Video on Youtube: