Alien Attack IV

By Po-Shen Loh

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The Ultimate 2-D Scroller!

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System Requirements:

Decent computer (Pentium or better)
Around 5 megabytes of hard disk space
Sound Blaster card (recommended)
At least 1 megabyte of XMS memory (5 megabytes recommended)
Microsoft compatible mouse
Windows 95


Use this software at your own risk.  Do not hold me responsible for any computer damage incurred by the use of this program.

Also, be sure to run Alien Attack IV only in a Windows 95 DOS box.


Alien Attack IV is a two-dimensional scroller.  It functions much like most other 2D scrollers.  Various types of enemies approach you from the top of the screen, and it is your task to destroy them.  There are many traits which distinguish Alien Attack IV from all the rest of those 2D scrollers out there:
Fully customizable game.  Level files and game data files can be tailored to the user's interests.  For example, if you grew frustrated at the difficulty of a level, you could easily modify the costs of high-tech weapons and the hitpoints of enemy ships.  Of course, this allows cheating, but everybody knows that cheating is no fun.  So, cheat if you must, but you probably won't get any enjoyment out of this game then.
Numerous levels... and level creation.  Alien Attack IV allows you to create custom levels.  Just read the docs for more details.  They are in MS Word format.
View some screen shots here! [View screen shots] 


Alien Attack IV is composed of two files, which are both self-extracting archives.  Get them below.
Get the first file, the game file here. [Last update=5/31/98 (8:03 PM): Met Bryce Johnson on Friday... he said that he tested my game... added to credits.] 
Get the second file, the sound file here. [Last update=5/9/98]

Future Development:

This will probably be the end of the line for Alien Attack IV.  However, I intentionally made it easy to customize so that you will never have a lack of new levels for this game.  If you need more levels, then just make them!
Also, if I have extra time, I may just draw up some new level .MOD and .GPH files for fun... so that new levels can easily be created.. and with new types of enemies/terrain.
I will be away at MOP from early June to early July, so don't expect too much to happen during that time. 

Contact Information:

Email me at, or visit my website at

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