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I am currently a Shelly Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University. My research interests include random graphs and spectral graph theory, and more generally, probabilistic combinatorics. I am especially interested in nontraditional applications of spectral graph theory and nonlinear spectra. More information about my research interests and publications can be found on my research page and CV.

During summer 2010-2013, various students of Fan Chung Graham, including myself, have worked on providing an up-to-date online database of Paul Erdos' many unsolved conjectures and problems. I'm very excited to say the website is now live, and you can check it out here.


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  2. A linear k-fold Cheeger inequality (with F. Kenter). Preprint.
  3. Bounds on Geometric Eigenvalues of Graphs (with C. Williamson). Preprint.
  4. Connectivity and giant components of Stochastic Kronecker Graphs (with S. Young). Journal of Combinatorics 6(4) (2015), 457-482.
  5. The spectra of multiplicative attribute graphs (with S. Young). Linear Algebra and its Applications 462 (2014), 39-58.
  6. On the spectra of general random graphs (with F. Chung) Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 18(1) (2011), P215.
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  10. On the irregular chromatic number of a graph (with F. Okamoto and P. Zhang) Congressus Numerantium. 181 (2006) 129-150.

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